Dear all ,

My name is Georgi , I'm a 34 years old . I live in Sofia , Bulgaria . I have a beautiful wife and adorable girl just couple of months old . I love the nature and spending as much time as possible roaming around the magnificent Bulgarian mountains . I've been grown by my parents in that manner . As long as I remember almost all of our family vacations where spent camping on lakes , rivers and the sea . May be that's why I've been so attracted by the ideal of the shamanism
I always knew the word shamanism , but learned just recently what a shaman actually is . I started to read books , watch videos and got exited with the whole thing . The more I read , the more I was impressed . I also had the honor to meet a South American shaman who came to Bulgaria . I felt his influence and inner power . I didn't felt such thing in none other human being . This meeting inflamed my curiosity even more .
I was never a spiritual guy before . I'm not a religious and don't believe in gods . I thought the ghosts are just for kids . I didn't believe we have souls . For me the only real thing was that what I was seeing .
After all that I've read , watched and experienced my view had drastically changed . There is a lot of knowledge in the shamanism . Knowledge that was once ours , but since the word turned to a greedy materialistic place , we've lost it .
My goal is to provide information about the mystical world of shamanism . To reveal the ancient knowledge of the spiritual guides . To show the people what's the shamanism really about .
I think the shamanistic beliefs can be really helpful to the modern society and that's why I want to share it with everyone who wants to know .

Hope you will enjoy it .