Alex Grey Visionary Art

You may not know the name Alex Grey , but you've most definitely stumbled to some of his paintings thru out the web .

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Born on November 29, 1953 in Ohio Columbia by the name Alex Velzy . The young Alex was encourage to develop his drawing skills by his father who worked as a graphic designer .Since young age Alex Grey was attracted by the themes of transcendence and death which resonates in his work . Eventually he dropped out from the Columbus Colleague of Art after two years and stated to work as a billboard painter for an year . He then went to the School of the Museum of Fine Art to studied with Jay Jaroslav and met his wife Allyson Rymland Grey . Then Mr. Grey attended the Harvard Medical University and studied anatomy for another couple of years .


The exceptional work of Alex Grey is a fine blend of visionary and a modern art .


The visions he draw are humans beings in different sacred positions such as praying , meditating , kissing and copulating .  One of his most noteworthy projects probably is the The Sacred Mirror serie . A collection of 21 live size paintings representing both the anatomic and the spiritual existence of a human beings all together .  This project however took him 10 years . His work was greatly influenced by psychedelics like LSD and DMT .His art in general can be defined as a mash up of detailed anatomical representation of cardiovascular and nervous system with a skeleton structure . 


Alex Grey painting


The work of Alex Grey definitely brings us the feeling  of spirituality . Furthermore the art he creates represent the visions experienced under the influence of psychedelics . When you see some of his work you get the feeling that you’ve been shown something that you always knew  was existing , but you didn’t have the eyes to see . His art bears a lot of emotions. Combining the spiritual, the scientific and the religious perspectives of the modern day society . His visions are colorful and bright and can make you think about yourself and the world that surrounds us .


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