Amazonian Shamans and Ayahuasca

Since the beginning of the human history The shamans were always part our lives . They were a vital part of the tribal human society . Unfortunately today most of the shamanic traditions are lost . The good thing is some are still alive . One of these still preserved are these of the Amazonian shamans . For centuries they were using the sacred brew of Ayahuasca - The wine of the gods .


Amazonian Shamans and Ayahuasca


Commonly called Yage the brew is traditionally made of two plants - Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis .


ayahauasca brewThe active compound of the beverage is the dimethyltryptamine (DMT), known as the spirit molecule . The amazonian shamans are using Ayahuasca for their spiritual sessions . They claim it can heal every illness of the body and the soul . The most important by these rituals is the guidance of the shaman . The brew itself is a powerful psychedelic which taken without an experienced shaman guidance can be a harsh trip .


It has a long lasting effect accompanied by hallucinations and visions .


Namely those visions are the tool that the shamans are using to cure your soul and by doing that to cure your body . Everything comes from the soul they say ...
The oldest evidences of Ayahuasca usage dates back to 3000 B.C. , but no one knows exactly how old the wine of the gods actually is . One thing is sure . It has deep roots in the South American traditions and is used even today . The government of Peru proclaimed Yage as a national heritage and its usage is protected by the law . Ayahuasca has been given even to teenagers , with the guidance of an experienced shaman of course .


Thanks to the Yage the amazonian shamans can get in touch with nature and the spirits . They call it Mother Ayahuasca and for them the brew represents the spirit of the nature itself .

There are thousands and thousands stories in internet from people who traveled to South America and met the shamans .


They've participated in Shamanism todaythe shamanic the rituals and have taken the wine of the gods . Furthermore they all claim that this was the most profound experience they've ever had and that Mother Ayahuasca and the shamans helped them to see themselves as they are . Many of them are saying that they've sensed the presence of an entity they can't identify . The majority of the people had similar visions . Visions of transformed beings and some other worldly beings . Many of the descriptions are awfully similar to these found in cave art .

The shamans says it is the spiritual world that they're seeing . No one knows what's the secret of Yage , but one thing is sure .


The Amazonian shamans and their sacred brew of Ayahuasca helped a lot of people and changed their lives for good .

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