The Ancient Teachings of Bon

The Bon religion exists , since the time when the Nagas roamed the earth . This is how the Mahabharata describes the origins of the ancient spiritual tradition .

bon shaman

It tells a story of a time when the people were ruled by the Nagas – Half human half snake demigods . Around 18 000 years ago the teacher Tonap Shenrab Miwoche freed the humanity of the nagas . He taught the people to worship the white god of the sky , the black goddess of the earth and the Red tiger . The teacher also showed the people how to control the Nagas , to handle the spirits and the powers of the nature .

The first symbol of the Bon religion was the swastika with its tops pointing left . This symbol represents the never ending struggle of man with forces from other realms and dimensions .

In the ages when the Buddhism was just emerging , the Bon religion has been wildly spread in almost all of Asia . The rulers of ancient Asia started imposing the Buddhism as a main religion and persecution has taken place against all the followers of Bon . 

During VII century B.C. most of the Bon temples were destroyed . With that many of the ancient manuscripts were destroyed too . The Bon religion has been declared heresy and its followers exiled form Tibet . Thanks to its strong roots and devoted followers the ancient religion mange to withstand this genocide . In 1017 A.C. , when the Bon was considered completely lost an ancient esoteric text was brought to daylight . A manuscript kept hidden for hundreds of years give a new life for the ancient Bon religion .

This secret manuscript tells the story of the ancient teaching . Accordingly to what is written in the text , the Bon religion was found more than 50 000 years ago , when the Great Teacher went down to earth . This Teacher was a embodiment of the divine essence .

The Bon dogma is based on the belief that the whole existence consists of three realms .

   The White – The skies . The realm of the gods .
   The Red – The earth . The realm of the humans .
   The Blue – The under realm . This realm belongs to the water spirits .

A mystic tree grows and penetrates all the tree realms of existence . This tree is a passage between the realms . The divine beings also use this tree to interfere with the human’s realm .

Tibetan Bon

The ancient text also speaks about the incredible powers of the Bon Lamas . The first of them were the rulers of the legendary city of Agarttha . It is believed that these Lamas are still hidden in caves in the Himalaya driving people back to the ancient teachings .

The superior power of the Bon lamas has been manifested when emperor Ashoka was trying to conquer Kalinga in III century B.C. . His 100 000 man army was crashed thanks to the lamas and their mystical skills . Ashoka was so impressed by their powers that he began studying the ways of the Bon and founded the order of the Nine Unknown Men . It is believed that the order still exists .

During the fifties a German cameraman was able to shoot a video on one of the Lama’s sacred rituals . On this video he captured how the Lamas were summoning evil spirits . This video has been checked by several experts and confirmed as authentic .

it is considered that most of the shamanic traditions around the world originates from the ancient religion of Bon . The tradition of Bon is still alive today . Her followers still performs the centuries old rituals . No one knows for sure what is the meaning of these rituals , at least no one but the Lamans .

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