Ayahuasca Experience - Gateway to a Better Humanity


ayahusaca visionary painting

The ayahuasca experience is something that can hardly be explained or retold . It is deep , profound and emotionally intense spiritual journey .

Ayahuasca can change ones live forever . It can make you see the world as you have never saw it before . The Amazonian traditional medicine Ayahuasca is a combination of several plans in a form of a brew . Prepared by well-trained shamans and consumed in centuries old rituals , ayahuasca is a unique medicinal plat that has limitless potential . The brew is prepared as a combination of several plants naturally growing in the Amazonian rainforest .

Its active compound is DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine)

. The DMT molecule is naturally produced in the human brain and structurally it falls in the same DTM molecule group, as the serotonin and melatonin . The brain produces DMT during the deep sleep , during birth and death … Scientists are calling DMT the spirit molecule as it triggers deep emotional and spiritual sensations . The Ayahuasca  hyperactivates the Neocortex , Amygdala  and the Insula . These are the parts of the brain that makes us humans . They are responsible for the long term significant memories and decisions making . But is that all ? Is the Ayahuasca experience just a chemical reaction in our brains ? Is it just a drug ?

 If you ever had a contact with the spirit molecule you will know the truth .

Ayahuasca is much more than ayahuasca entities that . It is a gateway to another dimension . It is an entrance to a realm that has nothing to do with our own . Our laws and science aren’t applicable there . The ego can’t enter this realm . It’s a realm of souls and spirits . It’s another universe .It is a place where nothing exists and yet it is a place that contains all that had ever existed . The Ayahuasca experience can be divinely pleasant and transcendent . It can also be horrifying as nothing you have ever encountered before .It can be confusing and can make you cry as a baby . It can make you die thousand times in just a second . You can’t know for sure what to expect when you meet the holy spirit of Aya . One thing is certain . Regardless what will you stand against when you are there you will walk out with priceless lessons .

Most of the people involved in Ayahuasca ceremonies are telling the same story . They all talk about a contacts with non-human entities . These entities are guiding them . Sometimes these beings are kind , sometimes rather frightening . No matter what they have encountered there they all felt that these entities had only good intentions . They wanted to help and cure us .

The Ayahuasca experience is irreplaceable well of knowledge .

It helped thousands of people to overcome emotional issues , childhood traumas anxiety and many more .  It teaches us to be better persons . To help and take care of each other . It makes us feel once more . It is a gift from mother nature . A plant of power , a teacher and mentor .

Nowadays the sacred brew has left the boundaries of its birthplace and spread among the human kind . Ayahuasca ceremonies are now held worldwide . There are numerous people out of the rainforest trained in the ancient art of shamanism . The Ayahuasca experience is finally widely accessible to the western civilization . The ingredients needed for the brew are now available even online . Everyday more and more people are healed by the sacred spirit of Ayahusaca . If we have the intelligence we will harness the knowledge that has been given to us and the human kind will thrive . We urgently need to unlock the door of our spirituality . We must open our hearts for love and compassion . This is the only way we can cure ourselves and to save our beautiful planet .

In conclusion will allow myself to quote the incredible Terence McKenna :

“Through psychedelics we are learning that God is not an idea, God is a lost continent in the human mind.”

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