From Magic Mushrooms to Ayahuasca or The Beneficial Psychedelic Experience

Anything from magic mushrooms to Ayahuasca can provide you a beneficial psychedelic experience , as long this is the goal you are after .


beneficial psychedelic experience


The sacred psychedelic plants are part of the human culture since time immemorial . The shamans relay on these plants for achieving altered states of consciousness . In these states the spiritual workers are able to tap in to realms of existence otherwise unreachable . Accordingly to the mainstream historians , psychedelic plants and substances are been used for more than 10 000 years . Evidences of shamanic-ritual usage of San Pedro cactus in Peru for example , are dated 8600 B.C. The magic mushrooms usage in Mexico and Guatemala has long roots . Artifacts like the mushroom stone (apx. 3000 years old) , are a definitive evidence of how important the hallucinogenic mushrooms were for the people . The Batel plant was wildly used in Asia . The first evidence of Batel usage pointing back to 2660 B.C.


Furthermore out-of-the-box thinkers and authors like Graham Hancock “blame” the psychedelics experience to be the trigger that led to a revolution in art , culture and symbolic thinking in prehistoric times ...

“Whether we find its traces in Australia, Asia Africa, or Europe, it is simply impossible to overstate the uniqueness and peculiarity of the evolutionary event by which we were drawn into fully modern consciousness and the fully modern capacity for symbolism and culture, religion, and art. No ancestor in the human lineage had ever made use of any form of symbolism before, and needless to say, no other animal species had ever done so either. But the switching-on of humanity's symbol-making capacity between approximately 100,000 and 40,000 years ago was the change that changed everything.”


The beneficial psychedelic experience is combination of intentions , goals , approach and understanding of the plants .


It all starts with the intention . The intention to get aquatint with the psychedelics can be induced by curiosity . It might be caused by the simple intention to have fun . Or might be induced by the one’s will to grow mentally and to explore his consciousness .


The goal really matters . You must know what you are after if you want to achieve it . If you intend to use magic mushrooms for example , you must know what your goal is . Assuming that you want to do it just to have fun , well you will most definitely get some . If your goal is to explore , prepare yourself to peep in to places of your consciousness never reached before . If you want to learn then be ready to listen .


The approach , or the setting is the key to the beneficial psychedelic experience . Your mind must be properly set for what is about happened . The environment that surrounds you is another important part of the setting . If you want to reach answers and find solutions to your problems , a club or a party probably isn’t the best place to do so . 


Of course all of the above would not matter if you don’t know which psychedelic plant would be the most appropriate for achieving your goals .


The hallucinogenic mushrooms , or the magic mushrooms are plants teachers and maybe the answer for most of the people , as the psychedelic effects they provide is not so extreme (depending on the dosage of course)  . The mushrooms are gentle most of the time and are suitable for usage without the guidance of a shaman . They are able to provide answers , they can boost one’s creativity and to charge with positivism . A beneficial psychedelic experience on mushrooms can help you overcome issues and fears and can teach you priceless lessons in many aspects . Of course a shaman can help multiply these benefits , but regardless of that the magic mushrooms are probably the most accessible way to tap deep in to your consciousness .


beneficial-psychedelic-experience with mushrooms


The sacred brew of Ayahuasca can provide beneficial psychedelic experience to everybody who’s searching for an answer , as long as they are ready to handle it . You must be prepared to see through the fake image of yourself . The one you build for so long . This plant teacher has to be approached with a lot of respect . Ayahuasca , unlike the the magic mushrooms is a harsh medicine . The Ayahuasca experience can be painful , both for the body and the soul , but rest assured it will be beneficial . With ayahuasca however the shaman plays a vital role . Without the proper guidance and the proper mental setting the psychedelic experience on Ayahuasca can have devastating effects .


To have a beneficial psychedelic experience with Iboga you must be prepared .


This sacred plant will tore you apart and will turn the pieces of you to dust . There is no other way around . Only like that you will be able to build your better self . The Iboga has showed its potential in dealing with one of the major problems of our society – the addictions . No matter the addiction the African root has proven his value . The Iboga has found its place in the modern day medicine . Psychiatrist are now using it to treat some of  the most severe addictions like these of cocaine , heroin and alcohol . The so called “near death experience” which Iboga provides , can have profound effects on your consciousness . Effects unachievable even after years of psychotherapy .


beneficial-psychedelic-experience with san perdo


The San Pedro can provide a beneficial psychedelic experience to these wanting to look deep in to particular subject . The San Pedro experience is focused and directed . If you have a goal and your approach is the right one , San Pedro can make you dive deep in to it . With the proper guidance you will be able to find what you are searching , no matter you like it or not .


There are numerous sacred plants , that can provide us with a remarkably beneficial psychedelic experience .


For example , the world of the magic mushrooms is inhabited by more than 180 psychoactive species . At least this is what we have discovered so far . There are thousands of plants containing the DMT molecule - from the simple acacia tree to the plants in the Amazonian rainforest . The symbiosis between our kind and the plants exists since the time we were making our first steps outside the caves . The plants and their psychedelic properties are closely related to our evolution as a species . To the ability to deal with our problems and fears, and to better understand ourselves and the realm that surrounds us . They are a portal to other dimensions and a window to our souls .


Unfortunately the modern world prohibited the usage of most of the sacred plants . Our misunderstanding of the psychedelics led our governments criminalize them . We now call them drugs and consider them harmful for our society's , mental and physical health . We deprived ourselves of this mots sacred experiences the psychedelic has to offer . Our lack of knowledge and understanding led to this prohibition . A prohibition of exploring our consciousness and having a beneficial psychedelic experience . An experience that can help us live better lives . Lives in harmony with the world that surrounds us . Lives filled with love and compassion .


There is light at the end of the tunnel however .


Slowly but steadily more and more light is shed on the subject . Researchers and scientist  are now working with psychedelic plants like Ayahuasca , Iboga and magic mushrooms in attempt to find solutions to problems unsolvable with the means of the mainstream medicine . Used to treat severe psychological conditions like depression and PTSD , alcoholism and other addictions . The magic mushrooms are now available for purchasing online and are considered legal in many countries . The ayahuasca retreats are opening their doors for visitor all over the world . We are on the right path once more . We are about to once again learn how to harness the knowledge contained by the psychedelics . To learn from them and grow as a species and human beings .


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