Black Elk: The Sacred Ways of a Lakota

Wallace Black Elk(1921-2004) was a traditional Lakota shaman and a Channupa (sacred pipe) bearing . Wallace is straight descendent of the famous Nicholas Black Elk (Black Elk Speaks) . He was born and raised in South Dakota and has been trained since childhood in the sacred ways of Lakota .



Wallace Black Elk photograpy


At first look “Black Elk : The sacred ways of Lakota” is just another book about the life and the messages of a North American shaman . We know the books the James Welch's "Fools Crow" and the “The Seven Visions of Bull Lodge” told by his daughter – Garter Snake, and many others . Each of these books , however is unique , as the paths we all walk through our lives . Paths that leads us to knowledge , enlightenment and the skills we develop . On the other hand these books are like pieces of a puzzle completing with each other , letting the reader to build an almost complete picture of these native american people and their sacred traditions .


Authenticity and details , bright presence , decorated with subtle humor . Genuine wisdom and deep concern for the future of the humanity and Mother Earth . These are the aspects over which the brilliant work of William S. Lion and the Wallace Black Elk , is focused on . The book provides the opportunity to get even deeper understanding of the shamanic practices of the Lakota . To learn the ancient teachings , guided by the Wallace Black Elk’s words .  


“Black Elk : The sacred ways of Lakota” is a book that you can't just rent from somebody and to read once .




It is a book that you must own . Book filled with priceless lessons , and knowledge of the old ways . This is a book that will constantly inspire and guide you . Well help you find new worlds and will taught you how to deal the old ones better .


William S. Lyon is bachelor in Mathematics (1963) and a doctor of anthropology graduated in the Kansas university (1969) . In the last decades a subject of his studies are the shamanistic practices of the North America’s indigenous people and particularly the Lakota tribe . Currently Dr. Lyon is a professor in the Center for Religious studies in the University of Central Missouri . In 1990 as a result of long term collaboration with Wallace Black Elk the book “Black Elk : The sacred ways of Lakota” was published . Few years later William published two more books on the subject . “The Encyclopedia of the Native American Healing” and “The Encyclopedia of the Native American Shamanism” . Dr. Lyon is also a consultant on Native American culture of Michael Harner’s  “Foundation of shamanic studies” . He is also known as an associate in the “Shaman’s Drum” magazine .



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