Herbal Incenses and How to Use Them

A single herbal incense can make a significant difference in our lives as long as we know when and how to use it . They are used since ancient times for their numerous properties and benefits .


Each herbal incense has its unique effects on the human body and consciousness .


They have positive influence over the aura vibrations and are a perfect tool for cleansing the negative energies . The herbal incenses are used in religious and spiritual rituals , to honor the spirits and to pray to the gods . The fume of the incenses is a vessel that can carry our sacred thoughts and prayers to other realms of existence .  

 herbal incense


The herbal incenses also possess healing properties . They are widely applied as a form of remedy for variety of mental and physical issues . The Incenses are inseparable part of almost every shamanic ritual and a tool for establishing a deeper connection with the spiritual realm .


Here are some of the most beneficial herbal incenses that we can use in our everyday life.



Carnation herbal incenseThe carnation is one of the most ancient herbal incenses used for their healing properties and its positive effects . In medieval times the carnation essence is used for anointing sick or dying people . In England the carnation has been carried as a protection charm . The carnation stimulates the metabolism and has positive effect on our energetic fields . It rises the aura and this makes us less venerable to negative influences and energies . It can also cleans the negative thoughts .



Cedar herbal incenseThe cedar herbal incense is used for cleansing and protective features . The Egyptians believed that the Cedar is eternal and that it can preserve the human body . The Solomon temple has been build completely out of cedar . The cedar herbal incense also possesses relaxing properties . It can be used against bad dreams . It is suitable flavor a child’s room for example , as it can bring comfort in their dreams . The cedar also boosts the body’s defensive properties . This incense can mix well with other herbal incenses , because of its boosting qualities . Its scent provokes positive thoughts and rises the sensation of hope . It can help you overcome fears and worries and is great tool for cleansing .



Eucalyptus herbal incenseThe eucalyptus herbal incense can be used for calming in cases of over excitement . Its flavor can smoothen the ages of the emotional bursts and also can be a great tool for improving your dreams . It can be used for dealing with fears and anxiety . The eucalyptus herbal incense is also a great stimulant for the immune system .



Frankincense herbal incenseThe Frankincense is an ancient sacred incense and is widely used for cleansing and healing . It can help you achieve deeper states of mediation and to see your fears more clearly . This herbal incense can teach us how to overcome these fears more easily . It can also rise the sensation of wellness and health . By doing so it additionally improves the mental and physical condition . The Frankincense is extremely helpful for cleansing , for chasing away the evil spirits and protecting from negative influences .



Gardenia herbal incenseThe gardenia can be used as an emotional and energetic shield . The Gardenia herbal incense is perfect for people like doctors , healers , social workers , advisors … In general it can be really beneficial for people that must work with many people on more emotional level , as it protects us from an emotional influences of others . The gardenia does that by rising our own energetic fields and forms a sort of shell that can keep us safe from the negative energies generated by the emotional problems of others .



lemon herbal incenseThe lemon herbal incense works really wonderful for cleansing . Since ancient times people like shamans , mediums and all forms of psychic practitioners has used lemon to cleans their working spaces before seances . It fragrance and energy invites the good spirits . The lemon incense provokes a clarity of thought  and gives us a clear perspectives . It can help us see clearly even through our fears and uncontrolled fantasies . This herbal incense is perfectly suitable for daily use , as it relieves the stress and relaxes the mind . This property of the lemon is extremely beneficial as the stress can be quite harmful, both for the body and the soul .



rose herbal incenseThe rose herbal incense is maybe the most gentle spiritual incense and quite powerful in the same time . The rose can be used as booster to almost every form of healing . It is used for balancing and repairing the chakras . In ancient Rome a rose essence is sprayed over the walls of the meeting halls , so that everything said during the meeting , stays inside these walls . The rose herbal incense is the perfect tool to protect your privet plans and thoughts and to keep it yours and save from negative influences .



sage herbal incenseThe sage is probably among the most powerful and beneficial cleansing herbal incenses . In the ancient ritual of smudging , practiced for centuries among the native American population , the shaman burns a sage bundles often mixed with other sacred herbs . These bundles are used in smudging rituals for cleansing , protection and blessing . The bundle is lit on fire and let to just smolder . The shaman uses feather or his hand to spread the smoke around the person and his home , especially near the doors and the windows , in order to cleans and bless the place . The sage enhances our spiritual energy and strengthens our connection with the spirits and their planes of existence . In the same time this herbal incense grounds and protects the physical body and improves the inner balance , by calming the energetic fields and reliving  the stress and tension that is building up in us .


The good thing about the herbal incense is that today they are widely reachable and no special training or preparation is required . The nature has provided us with an easy way to control our energetic flows and to set our mental state right . The herbal incenses are an easy way to improve our live and health . To protect ourselves for the negative influences and to set our minds right .


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