History Of Shamanism


cannabis spiritual use in india
Cannabis Spiritual Use Around the Globe Cannabis spiritual use can be observed in most of the ancient cultures . The plant is Read more.
sami shamans and people
Sami Shamans and the Noaidi Tradition Since ancient times Finland is inhabited by two indigenous groups the Finns and the Read more.
ainu shamans
The Ancient Practice of the Ainu Shamans The Ainu shamans are the spiritual practitioners of the biggest indigenous group in Japan Read more.
peyote ceremonial tipi
Peyote and The Rise of The Native American Church Peyote (Lophophora Wiliamsii) is a thornless cactus growing along Rio Grande valley Read more.
bon shaman
The Ancient Teachings of Bon The Bon religion exists , since the time when the Nagas roamed the earth . This Read more.
druid ceremony
Druids , Druidism And The Celts In the dawn of time when the world was still young and the people Read more.
female bwiti iboga shaman
Iboga , Bwiti and the Tree of Knowledge Tabernanthe Iboga is one of the gifts mother earth has to offer Read more.
bulgarian shamans
The Bulgarian Shamans and Their Relation to the Thracian Spiritual Cults The Bulgarian shamans were not only spiritual workers they Read more.
Neolithic cave art, Laas Geel, Naasa Hablood Hills, Somali
Endangered Somaliland Cave Art One of the most beautify and well preserved cave art in the world can be found Read more.