Kambo Frog Medicine - The Spirit of the Rainforest

Kambo frog medicine is the name given to a specie of a tree frog, inhabiting the North-western territories of Amazon . The Kambo , Campus , Sapo , Vacion da Floresta , these are some of  the names of this curious amphibian creature . The scientific name of the frog is Phyllomedusa bicolor , also known as Giant Monkey frog .


kambo frog medicine


A deep examination of the Kambo frog medicine is first carried by the Nobel award nominee Vittorio Erspamer . He describes the sacred frog as :” Fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications unequaled by any other amphibian” .


The Kambo Frog medicine is part of the indigenous traditions of dozens of Amazonian tribes .


A medicine that helps treating snake bites , malaria , yellow fever, epidemics and most importantly , deals with the panama . Panema is the bad luck, and the negative energy responsible for most of our emotional and health problems . The sacred frog is also used in a variety of rituals and ceremonies , as these for good hunting for example . The frog is rather hard to catch . The tribe members are going to frog “hunt” mainly at night , when Kambo sings her songs . In some tribes however only the shaman has the right to hunt for Kambo .  The frog has no natural enemies in her habitat and doesn’t fear the people when approached .


kambo frog medicine harvesting


In order to harvest the secretion , the frog is stretched by her legs with strings . Although the it looks quite painful , Kambo is considered sacred and no harm is caused . After the harvesting is done , the  frog is released  unharmed . The secretion is then dried on wooden sticks .


The Kambo frog medicine is applied by making small burns on the patient's skin using glowing stick .


The effect is immediate as the medicine enters the bloodstream directly . The body heathens, the heartbeat becomes more intense . Then the person starts vomiting the water that he has drunk at the beginning of the ritual . It all lasts for 15-20 minutes .

The Kambo frog medicine like the rest of the native medicines is based on the principal of transmitting energy from the shaman to his patient . Every tribe has a different approach in regards to the usage of Kambo . The tribes Katukina and Matses for example are making Kambo burns few times at night when preparing for hunt . The main reason they use Kambo frog medicine is to get rid of the penema . The word penema the symbol of everything bad in our lives . Bad luck , bad health , bad thoughts , the state of the mind that causes illness and misery .


When everything goes wrong is a perfect time to use the kambo frog medicine .


The indigenous people are saying that Kambo is the spirit of the forest and must be treated with  respect . To hurt Kambo frog brings bad luck and misery . The Matses tribe usually takes Kambo frog medicine in combination with nu-nu , a snuff which the hunters use to initiate visions . These visions will show them where and when the pray will offer itself . They are saying that the shamans are seeing the Kambo frog in their visions and communicate with her .


As the author Peter Gorman (Ayahuasca in My Blood , Sapo in My Soul) says , Kambo is a sacred medicine healing both the body and the soul . It is a fire medicine , which combined with water triggers alchemical reaction . This reaction helps the body to get rid of the old toxins stacked in our system .This sacred ritual however , does not only cleans the body . The Kambo frog medicine is a tool for connecting the person with his natural wisdom .

A tool that is meant to show us our negative habits , to teach us what to avoid and what to improve in ourselves .

 kambo frog medicine application


During Kambo ceremony the people receive insights . These insights are messages of the sacred medicine . Messages which guides us to the changes we must make in our ways of life . The Kambo frog medicine unleashes the healing powers of the human body . It helps to let aside the bad habits and provides priceless lessons on how to act and think in particular situations . Kambo cleans the Panema , the negative energy that stacks above us . The Kambo frog medicine also works very well in a combination with other sacred plants like Ayahuasca and Iboga .


The sacred frog medicine gets more and more popular in South America and the world . The healing tradition is no more closed tradition to the indigenous tribe of the Amazon . The Kambo frog medicine is now spread by people taught by the natives in the ways of the sacred tradition . Kambo is another priceless gift of Mother Earth . If treated with respect and reverence the sacred Spirit of Kambo can make wonders with our lives .


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