Katherine Skaggs Visionary Art

Katherine Skaggs is an incredible visionary artist . Her paintings are majestic and inspired by the beauty of the nature and the human soul . Her art evokes the sensation of love , peace and understanding .

  • katherine skaggs visionary art

Katherine is a gifted artist since young ages .

Her passion with the painting has increased with the ages and on the age of 14 she began oil painting and watercolor . With the development of her exceptional skills she learned to express herself though her work .

She graduated as a BS in health and education , but her true passion remained the painting . Katherine attended numerous classes and courses in art . As a result at the age of 25 she has been accepted in the Kansas City Art Institute . There she studied painting and print making and finally graduated with BFA  .

Furthermore her other passion of the was the spiritual aspect of the life . Therefore she moved to Oklahoma where she found the School of Metaphysics . She attended night classes and learned dream interpretation , meditation other spiritual practices . Taught various exercises in the class she began having mystical experiences . Her journey in the spiritual realm taught her how to heal her eye sight and how to the interpret the dreams with an astonishing accuracy .

Because of her gifts she became a teacher and director of several schools . Katherine Skaggs finished an advanced studies in the Mystery School teachings in the College of Metaphysics .

After leaving the college she went to Fort Collins where she engaged with gathering in students and teaching classes .

Few moths later she Left Fort Collins and began to deeply explore shamanism and shamanic practices . This helped her to expand her consciousness and showed her the other realms of existence . Then led by her intuition she created the DreamWeaver giftshop and educational center . This endeavor of Katherine Skaggs has been another success as the DreamWeaver project expanded rapidly in just few years and turned in to community .

Katherine knew that she must somehow mix her two passions . The art and the spirituality somehow . Then the spirits provided her with an answer . Around the mid. 90's she began painting her visions . Her gift in the both fields helped her to create another unique form of visionary art . She started paint “soul portraits” . These portraits helped a lot of people to see themselves in a different perspective . A perspective that was unreachable for them before .

Due to some health issues Katherine was forced to close the DreamWeaver . She needed a time to focus on her healing and there was no other option in front of her , but to leave her beloved creation.

For several years Katherine Skaggs worked a variety of jobs that had nothing to do with her true passion . But she says that she learned priceless lessons from every job .

Then in 2003 she was finally ready to be reborn . She reopened her DreamWeaver and together with her dear friend and inspiration Shiloh McCloud . She was finally on the place where she belong and was able to create her exceptional art once more . Art that makes the human soul happy ,  that gives us emotions like love , peace . Art that expands our consciousness and makes us feel the spiritual presence all around us .

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