Nagual - The Power of the Unbending Intent

The Toltec teaching of Nagual is based on two certainties : The certainty that the humans are extraordinary beings that live in an extraordinary realm , and that the humans nor the world that we live in, can be viewed as distinct parts .





According to Nagual the inner strength and the unbending intent are two basic principles closely related to one another . By following these two principles the Toltec were able to interfere with the energetic fields and to influence course of the fate itself .


The normal person has his basic intents which allows him to only act in the regular reality – the intention of doing . The Nagual practitioners are able to act both in the regular reality and the invisible world . Beside the regular intent that we all possess , the Nagual also possess the intent of the undone . In other words , they are able to switch from one form of perception to another . This gives the Nagual the ability to see the world differently , and to control and manipulate its manifestation .


The ability to perceive different realities and to make the reality different is in the base of the Nagual


The Toltec believe that the liberation of the one's bad destiny can be achieved by the liberation of his regular perceptions . Because of our daily habits such liberation is hard to achieve . The regular person is able to perceive only one type of reality – the regular reality . This simple form of perception usually cost a lot of energy and time . Because of that we need an additional source of energy . This energy is needed for perceiving the other realms of existence .

 toltec nagual


For leaving the regular reality behind the Nagual need inner strength . The Toltec call this process expansion of the unbending intent


There are few born with the gift of the unbending intent . The rest must develop this ability thru practice . Thru constant training and repeats on particular effort or action we can generate inner strength . With the repetitions slowly but steadily the unbending intent accumulates . It is a form of purposeful certainty . When achieved this intent can be transferred to another action . In this manner the sensation turns from consequence to reason , which cause the action . This contains the essence of the intent .


The endurance , or the ability to withstand till the very end of the things is a prerequisite for the unbending intent 


According to Nagual in the course of intending the inner strength is staked .  This inner strength provides new horizons for our perceptions . On the other hand this inner strength has the potential to interfere with the course of the fate . To shape and manipulate it at will .


The Nagual perform different exercises for expanding their unbending intent


One such exercise is the cross-eyed exercise or controlled strabismus . For this exercise two small objects are needed . These objects must not be bigger than 1-2 cm.- a small rock or a button . The distance between the two objects must be approximately 10 cm. The distance between the objects and the eyes must be 15-20 cm. In this position the person must start cross-eye viewing the two objects . By doing so a shift in the position of the two object is noticed . When performed property the objects will appear moving until overlap one-another and slowly become one object .


toltec nagual


This Nagual exercise mutes the inner dialogues . The result is a new form of perception , as the two objects turn one . The newly arose perception is no longer controlled by the mind . This state is now controlled by the will of the controlled intent . This exercise creates the effect of the released and stacked energy .


The Nagual know that the regular state of the mind (mind that is stuck in the regular reality) requires too much energy . The fatigue that we all feel at the end of the day is the product of this regular state of existence . It is the result of drained energy, scattered throughout the day . Spent to maintain this ordinary state of reality and the surrounding realm .


According to Nagual the not-doing practice , similar to the meditative state , stacks energy and leads to liberation of the perceptions . The more energy is stacked the greater the unbending intent becomes . The bigger the unbending intent is , the greater the influence over the intention becomes . And this is what gives the ability to control the course of fate . This is when the extraordinary human abilities manifests …


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