Shamanic Rituals In The Prehistoric Society

An astonishing archaeological finding shows signs of prehistoric shamanic rituals . 


shamanic rituals


We think we know the history of the human kind .


We believe that our kind (homo sapience) is around 200 000 years old . No matter of his age we started developing some civilizational skills like organized tribes , and tool using just some 8000 – 9000 years ago . Before that the human kind existed as scattered packs of hunter-gatherers . This what historians teaching us . This is the point where our saga begins . The mainstream historians zealously defend their teachings , no matter the efforts of some open-minded scholars and visionary thinkers . The mainstream book of history have always had its cracks, but it seemed like none of these cracks ware big enough to sink the ship .


The truth is a creature that can’t be kept in the dark forever , no matter how influential her usurpers are .


There are open-minded people and authors like Graham Hancock("Fingerprint of the gods", "Supernatural:Meetings with the ancient teachers of mankind") and Robert Bauval("The Orion Mystery", "Keeper of genesis") and many others . Thru their books they are showing us the numerous gaps in the modern day mainstream history . No matter how convincing and scientifically grounded their works are , the historians denied their point of view .  Despite that they sold millions of copies worldwide .


Bruniquel Cave1Luckily the past 20 years the truth of our origins and history began to manifest . Findings like the monumental facilities in Göbekli Tepe in 2000 . A ritual temple associated spiritual with shamanic rituals . Dated 8th -10th BCE which already predates the human history as we know it . Another example is the French cave Chauvet-Pont d’Arc . Accordingly to the latest studies the visionary art and signs of shamanic rituals are older than 35 000 years . Which shatters the foundations of the mainstream history to pieces .


None of these can be compared to the latest findings in another French cave . 


Bruniquel Cava is located in the Aveyron Valley near the Bruniquel a city within the Midi-Pyrenees Region . The cave has been initially discovered in 1990 by a boy named Bruno Kowalsczewiski . His father felt a draft from a place in the rocks which happened to be an entrance of a cave . The 15 year-old boy dug the rocks for three years , until he manage to make an entrance big enough for person to get in .


A local caver entered first and what he found has stunned him . 400 meters deep in the cave he found something that definitely wasn’t a natural formation . In the this larger hall he stumbled on several stalagmites deliberately broken and arranged in three circles . Two larger between 4 and 7 meters and one small around 2 meters in diameter . They called the archeologist Francois Roudzaud who confirmed that the structures aren’t natural and that the place was some sort of religious center .


A place where shamanic rituals were held


Relying on carbon-dating Roudzaud dated the site to be 47 000 years old .


In 2013 a caver from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences ,visited region and heard about the cave . Her work is related to stalagmites and dating these by using chemical reactions . She knew that carbon-dating is accurate for samples younger than 50 000 .


A couple of months later she got a permission to examine the site . What she found was groundbraking . Accordingly the results she got the monument , proof of shamanic rituals and spiritual believe, was 176 500 years old , give or take few millennia !Before finally announcing her discovery she repeated the study and the result was the same .The formation in the Bruniquel Cava is the oldest known site with signs of spiritual / religious believe .


It is a proof that the shamanic rituals and the spirituality were existing hundreds of thousands of years ago .


What we knew till now has been just a small part of what it truly was . Our ancestors had developed sense of spirituality long before we thought . They’ve existed in communities and buld religious monuments in the time that we assumed they still didn’t have a developed verbal communication. They’ve build monuments and preformed shamanic rituals in the ages when homo sapience and homo neandertalensis coexisted together . The roots of human kind and the existence of self-awareness  and shamanic rituals spreading more deeper in the prehistoric times that we ever dared to imagine  . God knows what more will we find .

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