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Female Shaman Buiral Site From the Natufian Era The female shaman body found in Israeli cave gives us insight of the Read more.
Korean shamanic ritual
Korean Shamanism Reborn The Korean Shamanism is probably one of the oldest form of shamanism worldwide . It dates back Read more.
shamanism in the prehistoric society
Shamanic Rituals In The Prehistoric Society An astonishing archaeological finding shows signs of prehistoric shamanic rituals .      We think Read more.
shamanic music
Shamanic Music of Amazonian Shamans The shamanic music is a vital part of the cultural traditions . It carries the memories of Read more.
shamanic drumming
Shamanic Drumming The shamanic drumming is centuries old technique for achieving an altered state of consciousness and communicating with the spirits . The Read more.
ayahuasca visions by pablo amaringo
Ayahuasca Visions by Pablo Amaringo Pablo Amaringo is an Ayahuasca visionary painter born 1943 in Puerto Libertad . Small village on the bank of Read more.
shamanic healing
Shamanic Healing - The True Power of Shamanism The most beneficial of all the shaman's skills definitely is the shamanic Read more.
shamanic center
The Blue Morpho Shamanic Center “Methamorphosis” is a documentary created by Keith Aronowitz telling the story about the incredible powers of Mother Read more.
ten facts about shamanism
Shamanism - 10 Curious Facts About it 1. Shamanism is the oldest and most widely spread form of healing . So Read more.
shamanic art
Cave Art Just Got Older The cave art in Chauvet-Pont d’Arc, France just got older . Accordingly to latest research Read more.