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black & white photo of a Siberian shaman
Siberian Shamanism The Siberian shamanism is ancient as the human kind itself  . It exists since the times when the Read more.
shamanistic practices of the Bedouisn
Shamanistic Beliefs of the Desert Dwellers Around the world there is a vast variety of shamanistic believes and cultures . Read more.
Terence McKenna's "Food of the Gods" Book Terence McKenna is one of the brightest minds of our time . Born Read more.
Ayahuasca Experience - Gateway to a Better Humanity The ayahuasca experience is something that can hardly be explained or retold Read more.
Neolithic cave art, Laas Geel, Naasa Hablood Hills, Somali
Endangered Somaliland Cave Art One of the most beautify and well preserved cave art in the world can be found Read more.
Female Shaman Buiral Site From the Natufian Era The female shaman body found in Israeli cave gives us insight of the Read more.
Korean shamanic ritual
Korean Shamanism Reborn The Korean Shamanism is probably one of the oldest form of shamanism worldwide . It dates back Read more.
shamanism in the prehistoric society
Shamanic Rituals In The Prehistoric Society An astonishing archaeological finding shows signs of prehistoric shamanic rituals .      We think Read more.
shamanic music
Shamanic Music of Amazonian Shamans The shamanic music is a vital part of the cultural traditions . It carries the memories of Read more.
shamanic drumming
Shamanic Drumming The shamanic drumming is centuries old technique for achieving an altered state of consciousness and communicating with the spirits . The Read more.