The Sacred Power of Huna by Rima A. Morrell

Huna is the ancient spiritual practice of the Hawaiian people .


Hawaiian huna shamanism


The name Huna however is given to the sacred teachings just recently . It has been originally called Ho’omana which means to make mana . The mana is the life force energy . The Huna focuses at three levels of consciousness . The  unihipili - this is the inner emotional part of our conscious . The uhanethe practical conscious . The aumakua the super-conscious . The miraculous part of the human consciousness  . The one that is directly connected to the life force energy .


The practitioners of Huna are the Kahunas .


The Kahunas are healers , teachers and wizards of the Hawaiian sacred practice . The book Tales from the Night Rainbow describes forty types of Kahunas . More than twenty of these are devoted to healing and helping people . The herbalists (Kahuna la'au lapa'au) . Experts of diagnosing illnesses(kahuna haha) . These who can deal with spirits and make them his allies (Poʻi ʻUhane) .


Rima A. Morrell is graduated social anthropologist from the university of Cambridge and Ph.D. in Hawaiian shamanism.


She discovered the sacred teachings of Huna as a young student in anthropology . When she visited the island she stumbled on a paradise . In this paradise the Kahunas lived in harmony with themselves and the nature around them . She got instantly fascinated with the sacred practices . Therefore she began learning Hawaiian shamanism in the University ­College London .


The Sacred Power of Huna : Spirituality and Shamanism in Hawaii walks us through the ancient Hawaiian wisdom . The book interweaves , both her view on the sacred knowledge and the perspective of some previous explorers of the ways of Ho’omana . One such explorer is Max Freedom Long , author of many books on the subject . During her stay there she had the opportunity to work and collaborate with many Kahunas . Because of that collaboration Rima Morrell is able to provide her readers detailed information about the Huna . The shamanic traditions of the Kahunas and their complex system of lunar astrology . The book also concerns the magical elements of the Hawaiian language and the ways of achieving true wisdom .


In her book Rima Morrell shows the reader a society of peace love and understanding build around the Huna tradition . Furthermore her book is a guide for traveling through all the levels of consciousness . A guide to reaching to the final destination . The divine stage of aumakua . The Super-conscious ! Ones achieved the Super-Conscious can transform mind in matter and this is the true magical power of Huna .

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