Shamanic Healing - The True Power of Shamanism

The most beneficial of all the shaman's skills definitely is the shamanic healing . An experienced shaman can heal your body and soul . Aided by the spirits he can look deep in to your soul and to identify the reasons for illness , misery and metal issues . The shamans are using variety of techniques to analyze a patient's condition .


african drumming


Depending on the region and the local traditions , the shamanic healing may take a vast variety of forms . Some shamans are using herbs and plants which helps them to communicate with the spirits . Others are using meditation and altered state of consciousness . Parts of the healing process may be a diets , rituals , musical acts and art . The process begins with an accurate diagnosis of the condition of the patient and identification of the problems .


Then the shaman picks the most appropriate form of healing depending on the patient's diagnosis .


 The shamans believes that almost any illness or problem has an underlying spiritual or energetic issue . These issues can manifests in various forms . They can appear as a physical or mental illness ,or as a spiritual or emotional trouble . Therefore the healing takes place inside the person's soul . Furthermore the shamanic healing is the oldest form of medicine passed on by the generations .


ayahauasca shamanic healing Many consider the shamanism and its healing techniques to be nonsense . Evidences of the true power of the shamanic healing is found on dozens of places around the world . In the web there are thousands and thousands of stories from people that are healed by the shamans . The Ayahuasca and the amazonian shamans helped numerous people to overcome their depressions and anxiety . To find themselves and to find the reason to be alive . These are achievements deserving admiration even from the modern medicine . A Mestizo shaman can achieve such a progress with a patient in just a few sessions that the modern day pharmaceutical medicine cannot achieve in years . Not speaking about the side effects caused by the medications .


The African Biwiti shamans and their sacred root barks of the Tabernanthe iboga are another bright iboga healingexample of shamanic healing powers . The iboga  sessions are showing unseen success for fighting addictions . Furthermore the sacred plant of  Tabernanthe iboga has proven its powers by helping people defeat heroin and cocaine addictions . It changed the lives of many addicts . A life that was considered lost by the our society . Thanks to some  prescient individuals the Iboga is now used in several European countries as an aid in the addiction fight .


The drumming ceremony is another powerful shamanic healing technique .


The drumming has been wildly spread among native north american population . As the author Jim PathFinder Ewing describes it in his book "Finding sanctuary in the Nature" :  "the medicine wheel drum circle prayer ceremony" . Thanks to the drumming ceremonies guided by a shaman the peoples involved are entering a form of "group consciousness" . They are entering a state of trance which helps them heal .


As Robert Lawrence Friedman said : " "Everybody can play, because it requires no training to create exuberant and expressive sounds , No matter what you play, it will sound good."


The drumming circle is a shamanic healing technique accessible to everybody and has great potential for health and relationship between humans .


There are thousands of forms of shamanic healing worldwide and we are just starting to learn the about these once lost "treasures" of the human kind . The more we learn the more we will grow , the more our life will be aided by the spirits . Long ago we had the knowledge in our hands . Priceless knowledge that we almost lost . Thanks to some distinct cultures some of it still remains and awaits us to turn our heads in to the right direction . To once more enter the spiritual realm . To re-establish our connections with that realm and to enjoy its benefits .


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