Shamanic Music of Amazonian Shamans

The shamanic music is a vital part of the cultural traditions . It carries the memories of generations of shamans . It contains the knowledge of the spiritual realm . Probably the most enchanting  shamanic music is the Icaro of the Amazonian Curanderos(amazonian healer) .



The word Icaro is is supposedly originating from he Quechua ikaray . It means to blow smoke in order to heal . The fascinating chants are passed Chakapa - shamanic music instrumentby word of mouth for centuries . An Icaro song is normally sung or whistled . It is also accompanied by the Chakapa . The chakapa is a rattle made of bundled leaves . The chants are the tools of the shaman . He uses the Icaros to guide the ceremonies to communicate with the spirits and also to heal . A shaman knows hundreds of these mesmerizing chants. No Ayahuasca ceremony passes by without  Icaros  . Furthermore the shaman uses icaro to call upon the spirits , or to drive them away if they are bad . He also uses the chants to protects and comforts  the participants in a ceremony . Several years ago the only way to experience the pleasure of listening to icaro was to go to amazonian rainforest .


Now thanks to the increasing popularity of the Amazonian spiritual practices we have access to this beautiful shamanic music .


Chanters like Luis Panduro Vasquez are now available to the western civilization .  A shaman and curandero Don Vasquez brings out the sacred indigenous tradition of the Icaro shamanic music out of the rainforest . His albums are mainly recorded on Ayahuasca ceremonies. The authenticity of the chants recorded on their birthplace makes them even more powerful and influencing . The Shamanic music of Don Vasquez provides us a portal . Portal to the divine nature of the amazonian rainforest  . It enters straight in our souls to help us let the spirits in our life . Therefore it help us to heal and endure the negative energies .  It teaches us the sacred ways of the shamanism . The Icaro can be played during your meditation practices . You can also listen to Icaro when you just need to relax and get in touch with your inner spirit .