Spirit Animals

The spirit animals , as the name suggest are creature’s spirits inhabiting the two realms of existence . Our own and the realm of the spirits .  They are the reflection of the one’s true inner self . They are an embodiment of  what a person’s needs most at the moment . The spirit animals are part of almost every shamanic traditions worldwide . The native Americans are valuing highly these sacred creatures . They are important part of their culture . Each tribe has a totem (Ojibwe dodaem) . But the totem is not only the symbol of the tribe . It is their guide and protector . Furthermore not only the tribes has their totem . The clan , the family , the lineage , they all have their animal spirits carved in wood . These wooden pillars are a form of shrine and a bridge between the spiritual realm and our own plane of existence .

native american animal spirits totems

The spirit animals are the most valuable ally of the shaman .

The shaman begins his journey with his shamanic initiation and meeting his spirit animal . The spirit animal enhances the shaman’s abilities and provides him with additional powers and knowledge that he needs the most . This applies for everyone . A person doesn’t peak the his animal . The spirit animal peaks the person . Each spirit animal possess different qualities and attributes .

Here are some of these sacred creatures and their meanings :


The Beaver is the builder . He is creative , he is artistic . The beaver teaches us to create . He  give us determination . Furthermore this spirit animal also teaches us to work in groups , as the beavers work together in the wild . Dreaming of a beaver symbolizes ambition and it is a reminder that the great goals require hard work .


The bat is the symbol  of death , rebirth and renewal . As the shaman undertake a act of "ritual death” and rebirths again liberated from the fear , so must we . The bat helps us overcome our fears and bad habits in order to grow .  A dream with a bat in it speaks for the one’s need of change . Change in our habits , change our way of life . It symbolizes the need for rebirth .


The bear is a symbol of strength and self understanding . The bear teaches us to look deep in ourselves . To accept and utilize our experience . This spirit helps us to get acquainted with our inner strength and abilities . Moreover the bear spirit is also a symbol of the motherhood and teaching . Dreaming a bear may mean that you are in the moment of introspection and rethinking of your current situation . But also may be a sing for an obstacle and competition .


The eagle is a proud animal . He symbolizes strength , leadership and bravery . The eagle teaches us courage . He gives us the ability to bravely face our fears . The eagle is a spirit that aids the leaders . Dreaming of an eagle may be symbol of pride , freedom courage , fierceness . It can also mean a self-renewal .


The wolf teaches us wisdom . He is the pathfinder . He is a symbol of leadership and intelligence . Dreaming of a wolf may symbolize self confidence and pride . It means you are a loner by choice .


The dear is a symbol of healing , kindness and unconditional love . He is kind and compassionate . Furthermore this spirit animal rises your intuition  . If you see a dear in your dream is a symbol of natural beauty and gentleness . It represents your ability to deal with problems , your determination and grace .


The fox is the trickster . The power of the fox is to stay out of sight , so her spirit gives the abilities of disguise and blend . It is also a symbol of the quick thought and adaptability . A fox in your dream is a symbol of resourcefulness and clever thinking . It is a reminder to relay on your instincts to deal with problems .


As the snake shedding her skin , the spirit of this creature symbolizes major change and transformation in your life . The snake increases your energy . The snake is also symbol of the connection with the life force . If a snake visit you in your dreams it is a sign of  transformation and wisdom . But it can also be a representation of your fears and worries that pose a treat for you .


This creature symbolizes patience , creativity and the feminine energy . As the spider weaves its web , so his spirit helps us weaves our lives and destiny .


This spirit symbolizes deep wisdom and intuitive knowledge . It give the ability to see things hidden to most . The owl opens one’s eyes for the true reality . Dreaming of owl may be a signal about a danger in your way . It may also be a reminder to connect with your inner wisdom and to pay attention on matters important to you .

The spirit animals are friends of humanity and will always be here for us when we need them the most . They will aid our skills and potential in order to make us more durable to the obstacles that lies on our path . They walk beside us in a moments of danger and joy .

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