Terence McKenna's "Food of the Gods" Book

Terence McKenna is one of the brightest minds of our time . Born in Paonia, Colorado in November 16, 1946 . He finishes school in Lancaster, California . Even at the age of 10 Terence had the wondering mind of a genius . He was interested in fossil-hunting , psychology , philosophy and alchemy .


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His passion with sciences like psychology and alchemy led him to the  University of California and the Tussman Experimental College. He began learning about Tibetan shamanism during that time and was deeply fascinated by the ancient knowledge . In 1969 Terence went to Nepal to study the roots of the Tibetan Bon tradition and to learn more about plant shamanism .While in Tibet he worked as a hashish smuggler . Due to problems with the US customs Terence has been forced to stay out of the US for several years and spent some years roaming Asia exploring ruins .


In 1971 he went back to US as his mother passed away


Shortly after , he , his brother Denis McKenna and three more friend traveled to Columbian amazon on a quest to find the oo-koo-hé plant containing DMT . Instead of finding the plant they’ve stumbled on fields full with  Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms . This adventure  inspired Terence to write the masterpiece “Food of the gods” .


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Food of the Gods - The Search for the Origins Tree of Knowledge is a scientific study on the role of the psychedelics in the human evolution and their influence on the prehistoric human society . The brilliant work of Terence McKenna questions  the human evolution as we know it . He questions the truthfulness of our so called modern society . The book giving us a new look , a new way of approach to the psychedelics and the psychedelic experience .


In his book Terence McKenna refers to psychedelic plants as the first form of religion among human kind . Furthermore this religion dates million years back . He suggests that the one of the greatest mysteries of evolution , the rapid expansion of the human brain is closely related to the psychedelic usage in the prehistoric society . That psychedelic are the sacred food that aided the human evolution from simple male dominant monkeys to an equilibrium society . Society where males and females had equality . Where the ego was no longer a factor .


The book puts on the table the question for the human diet and the effects on the our evolution


psilocybin mushroomsAccordingly to his studies a million years ago our ancestors were forced to leave the tropical rain of Africa . They settled in the vast grasslands of the African savanna . The need for new types of foods emerged . Our ancestors started experimenting with the new variety of food supplies offered by the grasslands . Terence McKenna makes the argue that the human diet is one of the moving forces of the human evolution . That force is often overlooked by the mainstream evolutionary theory .


With the quest for new foods our ancestors discovered the psychedelic mushrooms and plants .He also speaks about the impact of the psychedelics on the prehistoric society . It influenced the society structure . The sexual behavior of the human kind was also influenced . Accordingly to Terence McKenna , the consumption of psilocybin enhanced the human kind . A small dosage of psilocybin can improve your vision , with age sharpening and clarity . This for a hunter gatherer society was a major factor for prosperity . It triggered a totally different way of life . The pastoral society has been shaken down . The psilocybin pushed us toward gender equality .


The book Food of the Gods is the message of Terence McKenna


Message that tells us to not overlook that precious gift of the nature . This gift granted us enter to the paradise once . It established peace, love and understanding among the human kind . It helped us evolve so rapidly as nothing ever has . The Food of the Gods is on our table . We just need to accept it .


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