World of Shamans

coca leaves
Traditional Usage and Benefits of the Coca Leaves The coca leaves are one of the seven sacred master plants of America Read more.
DMT molecule
The DMT Molecule and the Pineal Gland What actually is the DMT molecule ?     DMT(N,N-DMT) or N,N-Dimethyltryptamine is Read more.
herbal incense
Herbal Incenses and How to Use Them A single herbal incense can make a significant difference in our lives as Read more.
sweat lodge ceremony
Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony The Native American sweat lodge ceremony is an ancient ritual for cleansing the body and Read more.
kava tea ceremony
Kava Tea - The Nature's Weapon Against Stress and Anxiety The Kava tea is a beverage prepared from the roots Read more.
Salvia Divinorum – The Seer’s Sage Salvia Divinorum has many names . It literally translates as "sage of the seers", Read more.
gut ritual
Gut Ritual - The Spirits , The People and The Shaman One of the most important rituals of the colorful Korean Read more.
Wallace Black Elk photograpy
Black Elk: The Sacred Ways of a Lakota Wallace Black Elk(1921-2004) was a traditional Lakota shaman and a Channupa (sacred Read more.
kambo frog medicine extraction
Kambo Frog Medicine - The Spirit of the Rainforest Kambo frog medicine is the name given to a specie of Read more.