World of Shamans

kava tea ceremony
Kava Tea - The Nature's Weapon Against Stress and Anxiety The Kava tea is a beverage prepared from the roots Read more.
Salvia Divinorum – The Seer’s Sage Salvia Divinorum has many names . It literally translates as "sage of the seers", Read more.
gut ritual
Gut Ritual - The Spirits , The People and The Shaman One of the most important rituals of the colorful Korean Read more.
Wallace Black Elk photograpy
Black Elk: The Sacred Ways of a Lakota Wallace Black Elk(1921-2004) was a traditional Lakota shaman and a Channupa (sacred Read more.
kambo frog medicine extraction
Kambo Frog Medicine - The Spirit of the Rainforest Kambo frog medicine is the name given to a specie of Read more.
yopo ritual
Yopo - A Sacred Medicine of South America Yopo is a powder made of Anadenanthera peregrina seeds . The Anadenanthera Read more.
beneficial psychedelic experience
From Magic Mushrooms to Ayahuasca or The Beneficial Psychedelic Experience Anything from magic mushrooms to Ayahuasca can provide you a Read more.
Inuit shaman drumming
The Inuit Shaman as a Guardian of the Tribe The Inuit shaman or the Angakkuq , as it is called Read more.
sangoma shaman
The Sangoma Lesson of Honoring the Ancestors Sangoma is a shamanic spiritual practice of South Africa on which the majority of Read more.