World of Shamans

native american animal spirits totems
Spirit Animals The spirit animals , as the name suggest are creature’s spirits inhabiting the two realms of existence . Our Read more.
druid ceremony
Druids , Druidism And The Celts In the dawn of time when the world was still young and the people Read more.
Yaka shamans initiation ritual
The Yaka Tribe and Their ShamansShamans of the Yaka Tribe – The Messengers of the Spiritual Realm .   Yaka Read more.
Hawaiian huna shamanism
The Sacred Power of Huna by Rima A. Morrell Huna is the ancient spiritual practice of the Hawaiian people . Read more.
sacred plant at the shaman
Sacred Plant Usage for Improving your Mental and Physical Healt   The sacred plant is an ally to the humanity Read more.
Ndembu boys preparing for shamanic initiation
Shamans of the Ndembu Tribe The Ndembu shaman must keep the spirits pleased in order to protect his tribe . Read more.
female bwiti iboga shaman
Iboga , Bwiti and the Tree of Knowledge Tabernanthe Iboga is one of the gifts mother earth has to offer Read more.
black & white photo of a Siberian shaman
Siberian Shamanism The Siberian shamanism is ancient as the human kind itself  . It exists since the times when the Read more.
shamanistic practices of the Bedouisn
Shamanistic Beliefs of the Desert Dwellers Around the world there is a vast variety of shamanistic believes and cultures . Read more.